Working space

Since I’ve been tagged by someone to show my small and messy working space, I guess I have no choice but putting up some pictures. So, here they are:

workspace.jpgThe Buton one was a mass working space. Tables and benches were also used by other students and researchers. In there, don’t you even think about internet. No electricity in the village, and generator is the only answer.

In England last year, my flatmate and I did not have a proper working space in the flat. We also didn’t have our own internet connection. Luckily, our generous neighbor let us got some wireless connection for free πŸ˜€ . This year, I will move to a new flat and hopefully will get a real working space instead of a make over dining table.

My home working space, the messiest of all πŸ˜› . It seems that one will stay like that for quite a long time, unless we turn the room into a baby room (if he/she will ever come)…

Should I tag other friends now? Alright, they will be Nurul, Roe, Kiky, and Yoki, and Mas SSS (atas permintaan khusus pemirsa) πŸ˜€

Dreams and imaginations

New year resolution

Sudah waktunya membuat new year resolution lagi. Untuk tahun 2008 ini, ada dua hal penting yang ingin saya selesaikan: PhD dan bikin taman di rumah.

Untuk PhD, sudah jelas kali ya, program ini harus selesai Oktober 2008, mau gak mau, bisa gak bisa, HARUS SELESAI. Harus selesai, walaupun sampai saat ini saya masih punya keraguan besar, apa ya bisa selesai tepat waktu.

Untuk resolusi yang kedua, yang ini pastinya jauh lebih menyenangkan dan harusnya bisa diselesaikan dengan lebih mudah. (read more)