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Raising si Kuse

A story written 13 years ago… (damn, am I that old already 😛 )

I remember, the first thing I asked my colleague when I was offered to conduct a study about bear cuscus was: “Do they bite?” “Can I hug them ?”, hoping that I wouldn’t just observe them from a distance but also had a chance to touch the animal. And I never imagine that it could really happen to me. Instead of just touching them, I could really hug one of that cutest creatures I’ve ever known…

It was mid may 1995. It was the second month of my field work and I began to feel homesick and a little bit lonely when a friend gave me a surprise gift. A special one in fact, because it turned to be my most unforgettable memory.

It was put in a closed basket. I knew it was an animal but I did not have any idea of what it was. My friend opened the basket for me and said “Surprise.!!!”, but oops.. nothing there, and I saw a panic face in front of me instead. Then I also began to panic, disappointed and there was a big question mark in my head, what was going on? But before we could think of something, we suddenly heard some strange harsh screeches sound from across the room. “There it is!” said my friend, and I found my surprise gift. (read more)