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Climbing night!

Sebuah email di inbox hari ini….

Hi Guys,
We are planning on going climbing at Rock City next
Tuesday evening, and I vaguely remember that some people in the lab
expressed an interest in going. You don’t need to have any experience or
gear as you can hire boots and a harness there (about £2.50 each), or borrow
ours. Entrance is £7.50. We’d probably aim to head over there at about 7:30
and I can give a lift to any interested parties. Its a very good wall with a
huge variety of routes or varying difficulty and everything is fully roped,
so you won’t die!
Cheers, Bill

Dan saya? Saya MASIH di Jakarta!! 😦 dang! sedihnya sedihnya sedihnya… ketinggalan manjat di Rock City

2 thoughts on “Climbing night!”

  1. masih di jakarta? wahaaaa, ke bogor gak?
    jangan sedih, dingin2 manjat kagak enak

    “Diah says:
    masih sedih, udah rencana dari taun lalu ni.. anget kok manjatnya, indoor. Ke Bogor? harusnya sih iya 😛 “

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